Why You Should Consider Inversion Table Therapy


It is not surprising to have the urge to stay upside down the way monkeys and bats do. Surprisingly, scientist have discovered that it is not only adventures but therapeutic as well. The study of humans staying upside down has resulted in a form of therapy known as inversion therapy. This therapy involves having your head in a position that is slightly lower than that of the heart. In most cases, your feet are high and above the ground. There are however some yoga poses that defy this and make the feet and the head to be on the ground but the heart is elevated.

The art of inversion therapy is not new and has been practiced by various cultures around the world. The purpose of the therapy was to improve mental capabilities and make the body stronger. Similarly, modern times have adopted this therapy to do this and so much more. Some of the benefits of this therapy include improving the nervous system, reducing mental tension, detoxification, improving the immune system, helping with back issues, defying the aging process among many other benefits.

One instrument that is usually used in inversion therapy in the inversion table.

These inversion tables help to support the back while one is in this inverted position. There are a variety of table and they are all meant to suit various needs. If it is your first time starting out inversion therapy then an inversion table is your best bet. Whether you are doing it as a form of treatment or for the holistic benefits that come with it, you are bound to benefit from this type of therapy.

The inversion tables are designed to take in people with different weight ranges and you should not fear the therapy since you are a bit overweight. Some tables come with an inbuilt heater and you do not have to worry about the table being cold. Most tables are designed in a way that they are easy to fold and store and you do not have to worry about it taking space in your house. The portability of the table also gives you a chance to enjoy the therapy in a scenery of your choice, click here to get started!

This way you will not only benefit from the therapy of the table but from your best scenic view as well. The tables are also affordable and you can purchase one once you have consulted with your physician. For further details regarding inversion table therapy, go to https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBodyworkouts.


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